Requirements for Membership

  •  You must have a valid business or professional license.
  • If your field requires specific certification or insurance you will be required to show proof of compliance.
  • You must not be in conflict of interest with any of the current members.  See current member page.

You will be required to attend at least one meeting, there is no charge for your first breakfast, however you will be required to pay $10 if you attend an extra meeting. Upon completion of your application, payment of dues, and visit with our Interview Committee Chairperson, you will be asked to speak before the membership about yourself, your profession and your potential membership. A vote will take place by the general membership for acceptance.
Click Here to download or view our application form in PDF format.
For more information, please feel free to contact any Board Member. 

Membership Costs and Dues

  •  Membership Fee for New Members: $120
  • Quarterly Dues and Breakfast Fees: $150 (pro-rated based on month of joining)

Business 2 Business Connection is a nonprofit organization and all money collected pays for the cost of food, facilities, advertising, printing, and other business promotions throughout the year for the growth of the organization.